Kėdainių krovimo aikštelė, UAB is the leader in fuel sales and wide spectrum of fuel assortment in Central Lithuania. We sell a packed solid fuel (peat briquettes, coal, various types of sawdust briquettes) to legal entities and personal entities from Kėdainiai, Kaunas, Jonava, Raseiniai and Radviliškis regions. We deliver the fuel to a place specified by the buyer and unload it.
Kėdainių krovimo aikštelė, UAB buys the fuel directly from producers, i.e. Russian, Belorussian and Latvian plants.
Due to our diversified business, we are able to deliver products and render services to various groups of consumers, and, by orienting our business towards particular segments of consumers, we are able to comprehend better their needs. In the course of company expansion, we understood that it was impossible with only one strategy in different business fields to manage efficiently and satisfy the needs of customers. Therefore, we have distinguished between individual strategies for management of customer needs.
Wholesale of peat briquettes
Due to our experience and professional skills, we are known as a reliable and stable partner. We have a long-year experience of cooperation with the Belorussian concern Beltopgaz (www.topgas.by) uniting even 28 peat briquetting plants. Kėdainių krovimo aikštelė, UAB maintains firm partnership relations with the largest plants exporting the peat briquettes. We sale usually up to 20 thousand tons of peat briquettes per season to Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian and Polish companies.
By diversifying the activity of our company and expanding the assortment, we plan to offer shredded peat briquettes produced by the concern Beltopgaz Plant (www.topgas.by) to TEC and boiler-houses. In prospect, we plan also sales of wood-shingles from 5 to 20 thousand tons per month to TEC and boiler-houses.
Kėdainių krovimo aikštelė, UAB cooperates with:
Beltopgaz (www.topgas.by)