The Joint-Stock Company Kėdainių krovimo aikštelė, UAB has been pursuing its special business in the Republic of Lithuania since 2002, with the foundation of the enterprise Jelenos Maksimenko įmonė. In the course of successful development of the company and increase in its return, excellent and firm partnership relations were started with Lithuanian business leaders as well as with production suppliers from plants of Belarus, Latvia, , and other countries. Within a period longer than 10 years, we have deserved the repute of reliable and stable business partner. Service complex and high quality are secrets and guarantee of our success.
The company Kėdainių krovimo aikštelė, UAB strives always for flexibility, reliability, activity and responsibility what enabled the company to anchor in the market and become one of the largest and most attractive companies in Central Lithuania. It is witnessed by the appreciation certificate “Gazelle 2012” (“Gazelė 2012”): one of the most successful and booming Lithuanian companies.
Our history begun with registration of 1.5 ha land worked-out plan. Later, we have acquired all licences and permits for buying and sale of black and colour scrap metal, utilization of old cars. Title-deeds of 0.5 km runway siding with a platform under the container handling crane were approved, the transport depot was expanded, and the investments into the development of infrastructure were made: construction of administrative premises, purchase of electronic 60 t., 18.5 m length scales “Kemek”. Responsible strategic solutions made and investments mastered enhanced considerably the image of company both vis-a-vis partners and present and potential customers of our company.
Kėdainių krovimo aikštelė, UAB, otherwise than other companies, is an attractive business partner due to especially favourable geographical position. We are situated in the very epicentre of Lithuanian railway and motor transport traffic passage. Due to good conditions of loading and unloading in our own runway with a platform under crane, we are able to deliver coal, peat briquettes and other products in containers to our customers.